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Rethinking My Task List with Beck Tench

I recently watched Beck Tench's walkthrough of her OmniFocus setup and I was struck by how she's made her tasks more inviting by constructing them as inspirational or aspirational notes to her future self. Her task list reads more like a cupboard stocked with good food instead of a list of harsh imperatives that must be done.

Over the last month or so, my responsibilities have changed significantly, so I took the opportunity to reimagine and redraft my project and task lists to use more energizing language. For example, instead of saying "Get photos from my wife of our East Canyon camping trip", I redrafted the task to read "So that I can write a mini review of the Escapod, get photos from my wife of our East Canyon camping trip". While the change is subtle, I'm hopeful that by adding "whys" and a little more explanation to my tasks I'll avoid less and do more.

The Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine is the AirPort Extreme’s Rightful Successor

Over the last year or so, I've been working to replace the network equipment in my home with Ubiquity products, and last night I decommissioned my 6th generation Apple AirPort Extreme and replaced it with the UniFi Dream Machine (the non-pro model).

Setting up the Dream Machine is very similar to setting up a new HomePod. All you've got to do is plug it in and download and open the UniFi Network app. Ubiquiti has done a good job of obstracting a lot of the complexitities for non-network nerds. However, should you want to delve deeper into monitoring and managing your UniFi network, the web-based management interface is exceptionally executed and comprehensive.

While the verdict is still out, initial indicators are very good. My wifi speeds have almost doubled, allowing me to take better advantage of the fastest pipes in the west. For those looking for a whole-home, integrated, wifi and router solution, the UniFi Dream Machine is hard to beat.

Update: Apparently, Apple has started selling the Eero mesh wifi system. Ostensibly, and this probably goes without sasying, they're backing the wrong horse.

Update 2: 9to5Mac has a great write-up extolling the Dream Machine's many great features.

Inspired Workspaces

This is a great Twitter thread highlighting the desks of some of my favorite artists and history's influencers.

I'll admit, clean spaces appeal to me, but my workspace is hardly ever clutter-free. Perhaps I'd do well to get a little more comfortable with my "messy" artist side?