Jacob Evans

Leader Fables: Season 2

I'm delighted to announce that Leader Fables has been renewed for a second season! And by "renewed," I mean that Casey and I loved making season one of the show so much that we decided to do another one about a favorite topic of ours: intentional productivity. During this season, we're dedicating an episode to each of the Five Altitudes of Planning, including:

  1. Weekly preparation
  2. Daily planning
  3. Quarterly reviews
  4. Live planning & Annual reviews
  5. Putting It All Together
  6. Managing Margin (bonus episode)

We kick off the season with an overview episode packed with tips and strategies to help us prepare to plan our weeks.

Finally, this season, we're starting a show newsletter. Signup for the newsletter to receive exclusive content, and enter to win a free copy of two books: Free to Focus and Deep Work.